Arthur offers a variety of readings: Tarot, Astrology, Angel Readings, and Soul Mission Channeling. Each type of reading connects you to your patterns of behavior and ultimately, your purpose.

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Get your question answered, or have a look at why you’re stuck, or what may be currently unseen. 30 minutes for $60, 45 minutes for $90, 60 minutes for $120. Email to book a tarot reading today.


Where do your strengths and challenges lie? Where is your soul coming from, and where is it going? What is the nature of your unique expression of gender and sexuality? Arthur interacts with your birth chart as a dynamic entity, drawing from an eclectic mix of tools and practices, including the Chandra symbols, fixed stars, and several major and minor asteroids. 45 minutes for $90, 60 minutes for $120, 90 minutes for $180 (recommended), or 2 hours for $240. Email to book your astrology session today.

Angel Readings

Arthur goes into meditation, connecting with the specific archangel who is guiding you through this point in your spiritual journey, and relays that angel's messages to you. $120. Email to book your Angel Reading today.

Soul Mission Channeling

The soul's journey is an arc that lasts across many lifetimes. We are all partway through that arc. For this reading, Arthur channels your Higher Self, taking a look at your soul's purpose in this lifetime, and how that fits in to your multi-incarnation arc. Currently only available in-person in Brooklyn, NY. $120 Email to book your Soul Mission Channeling today.