Arthur offers a variety of readings: Tarot, Astrology, Angel Readings, and Soul Mission Channeling. All readings are available remotely unless otherwise noted. If you have questions about which type of reading is right for you, don't hesitate to ask.

For individuals who are suffering financial hardship, further options may be available, particularly if the hardship is related to illness or discrimination. Email to discuss.

For individuals who work in sex-related industries, came out as LGBTQ+ in the past year, or recently began transitioning gender, I offer discounted tarot and astrology readings at $50-100 sliding scale for 60 minutes (usually $120). Email to discuss.

If you’ve already received a reading from me and found your experience exceptionally helpful, gratuities are welcome (but by no means required) and can be given here.

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Tarot Reading

Untangle a thorny concern, get a pressing question answered, or just let the cards speak as to what you need to know in this moment. Great for when you feel like you’re at a crossroads, or when there’s a lot going on at once and you need to make narrative sense of all the pieces. 30 minutes for $60, 45 minutes for $90, or 60 minutes for $120. Click here to book today!


Astrology - Natal Chart Reading

Where do your essential strengths and challenges lie, and what can you do with them? What career path best fits your needs? How can you transform your relationship patterns? When are you likely to meet your most significant partners? How does this moment in your life fit into your life as a whole? Arthur interacts with your birth chart as a dynamic entity, drawing from a mix of techniques both ancient and modern, including the Chandra symbols, Zodiacal Releasing, and annual profections.  45 minutes for $90, 60 minutes for $120, 90 minutes for $180 (recommended), or 2 hours for $240 (also recommended). Please include your exact time and place of birth when booking a natal chart reading. (If you don’t know your exact time of birth, see the option for a chart rectification reading below.) Click here to book today!

Combined Tarot + Astrology Reading

Sometimes you need to look at a combination of factors to understand what’s going on, or you have a variety of questions and you’re not sure whether tarot or astrology can answer them better. Combining his dual expertise, Arthur can weave the immediate-action perspective of tarot with the long-term focus of astrology, or simply go with whichever medium will work best to address your specific concerns. 60 minutes for $120, 90 minutes for $180 (recommended), or 2 hours for $240 (also recommended). Please include your exact time and place of birth when booking an astrology reading that includes your natal chart. (If you don’t know your exact time of birth, see the option for a chart rectification reading below.) Click here to book today!

Astrology - Chart Rectification Reading

A proper astrology reading requires knowing the exact time of your birth, and unfortunately many people don't have that information in accurate form — including most people whose birth certificates list a time on the hour or half-hour. Fortunately, when it comes to astrology chart rectification is one of Arthur’s specialties. Using a unique combination of ancient and modern predictive techniques and his study of Ellias Lonsdale’s work on the Chandra symbols, Arthur can narrow down your exact birth time to make any future encounters with astrology more present, embodied, and vital. $120, session lasts 1 hour. Click here to book today!

Astrology - Synastry Reading

Astrology is a powerful tool for self-understanding, but it can also be a powerful tool for understanding our relationships with others. If you have a significant person in your life with whom you share a relationship, astrology can help shed light on that relationship, its strengths, weaknesses, and potential for growth. Astrology cannot answer “Is this person my soulmate?” but it can show you what it takes for that relationship to be the best, most fulfilling, and strongest that it can be. $210 for 90 minutes, $280 for 120 minutes. Documented consent from all parties regarding sharing their birth information must be made available upon request. Click here to book today!

Astrology - Electional Consultation

One of the gifts of astrology is that it enables us to choose (or “elect”) an auspicious time to initiate a certain activity, such as getting married, signing a lease, opening a business, or any other kind of new start. If you’re looking for the right time to do something big, astrology can help. Let Arthur know what it is you’re looking to do, and he’ll pick out a few auspicious moments to do it in, showing you how and why this works for what you want to do. $120, takes one week minimum, booking is for a 30-minute online consultation to discuss the elections chosen. Click here to book today!

Astrology - Horary Reading

Horary is an astrological art that looks at the chart of the moment to answer a specific, concrete question of authentic interest or concern and immediate relevance to the one asking. Especially useful for untangling situations with multiple people or factors involved as well as when an answer is needed quickly. $25, answers via email within 72 hours of payment. Horary readings regarding missing items or persons currently unavailable. No medical questions please. Email with your horary question today!


Angel Readings

Arthur goes into meditation, connecting with the specific archangel who is guiding you through this point in your spiritual journey, and relays that angel's messages regarding what your current mission is along your path of growth. $120. Click here to book today!


Soul Mission Channeling

The soul's journey is an arc that lasts across many lifetimes. We are all partway through that arc. For this reading, Arthur channels your Higher Self, taking a look at your soul's purpose in this lifetime, and how that fits into your multi-incarnation arc. Currently only available in-person in New York City. $120 Email to book your Soul Mission Channeling today!

Don’t know what type of reading to get?

Astrology offers you a bird’s-eye view of the situation you’re in, and is great for determining timing and direction, particularly for matters of career and love life. Tarot offers the up-close-and-personal view of what’s going on, letting you get into detail about specific, immediate concerns. Angel readings are great for asking deep metaphysical questions about life purpose for the moment of time you’re in. Soul Mission Channeling is for asking the biggest question of all—”Why am I here?” If you’re still unsure, email to discuss.