Chart Rectification and Confirmation

One of my specialties in astrology is chart rectification. One of the first steps in doing astrology for someone is getting the exact time they were born. Unfortunately, many people don't know the exact time, or they're off by a little bit. I've had a lot of clients text their moms for me. Chart rectification is using astrological techniques to figure out the exact time when the person doesn't know and can't find out. Most astrologers use a long process based on transits and other predictive techniques applied to specific moments in the client's life. I don't.

One of the most important tools I have is the book "Inside Degrees" by Ellias Lonsdale. It is a masterwork of spiritual channeling, going deep into meanings and descriptions for all 360 degrees of the Zodiac. I've used this book quite a few times to figure out someone's exact birth time, by seeing when a few sensitive points change their degrees, and working with the person to determine which of those degree descriptions, as written by Lonsdale, most resonate.

A friend of mine a few months ago said she was born at 3pm, and looking at her chart I knew that couldn't be right. In fact, generally when someone tells me they were born on the hour or half-hour, I'm suspicious of it. But in this case, it didn't make any sense with her personality and chart. She told me it was actually somewhere between 3 and 3:30pm, so I rectified her chart with "Inside Degrees" to 3:22pm. She was satisfied with that.

She's home with family for the holidays right now, and she found her birth certificate. She sent me a picture of it, showing the birth time: 3:22pm.

I knew the chart was accurate, but it was still dang pleasant to get that confirmation. I'm looking forward to continuing the chart rectification work, as it really gets people engaged with their own patterns and personalities in new ways.

If you're interested in an astrology reading, especially if you'd like help figuring out your exact birth time, send me an email here.