Angelic Ritual Magic

To rid yourself of a frame of mind you've been stuck in for years. To make allies of the wise and powerful. To enhance the powers of the mind in preparation for one's studies. To revive an ailing relationship. To achieve victory over sorrows.

This is the kind of magic to use when you're dealing with seemingly impossible odds of success. This is the magic to use when you want an unstoppable force to counter an immovable object. This is not for finding your lost car keys.

The Angelic Magical Working starts with an application, and then a reading. If the reading indicates that no magic is to be worked, you will be charged only for the reading. Throughout the eleven days of the working, you must make yourself available to communication, as the angels may give messages, requests, questions, or commands.

For the past six years, Arthur has lived in constant communication with archangels, and with various spirits and entities for all his life. The archangels have guided him to a potent system of magic.. The magic takes eleven consecutive days of consistent ritual practice and draws on Arthur's long history of psychic communication.


Application for Angelic Magic
Name *
Are you able to respond to communication within a few hours for eleven straight days? *
If the angels direct a course of action for you, will you follow it even if it is challenging or uncomfortable? *